Khamidov Fakhrishod
Identity : aksiya_4000024
Address : Kashkadarya region, Kitab district
For reference : Responsible for the action: Aybek Khushvakov. Phone: +998-97-737-99-25 , +998-78-150-64-36
Purpose of the campaign :


A citizen Tursunova Hafiza turned to the Fund to receive financial assistance to her husband, Fakhrishod Khamidov, who has been ill since 2015, for the surgical practice abroad. He was diagnosed with a tumor in part of the VC4-VG6 spinal cord. The patient was operated on at the Tashkent neurosurgery research centre in 2018. After the operation, movement in the hands was limited. He can't feed himself. Movement on feet are lacking at all. He uses diapers and urinates through a catheter. He was treated twice after surgery. According to doctors, the patient must undergo surgery abroad, for this the patient needs 20 million soums.

As the family are in need of social protection, she hopes that good people will provide material assistance to her husband Fakhrishod as soon as possible so that he gets recovered.

Required sum : 20 000 000 soum

Collected sum : 2 384 700.00 soum

Khamidov Fakhrishod

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21 May