The first hotel of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF" has begun its activity

In Surkhandarya region, the opening ceremony of a new hotel for the development of pilgrimage tourism was held at the Shrine of Hakim Tirmidhi. The chairman of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, mufti Usmankhan Alimov and The chairman of the Committee on religious affairs Abdugafur Ahmedov opened the hotel "Vaqf" during their visit to this Holy place.

The event was also attended by the governor of Surkhandarya region Tura Bobolov, the head of the Public Charity Foundation “Vaqf " Iskandar Khalilov and chief Imam-Khatib Aliakbar Saifuddinov.



It was noted that the new hotel has all the conditions for a comfortable stay of visitors and is equipped in a modern style. This hotel has 70 deluxe and junior suites with high amenities. There is 1 teahouse and 1 restaurant on site. This allows both vacationers and passengers at any time to come and eat.



Another aspect is that the hotel is located next to the international highway Tashkent-Termez. This allows quickly to get to the shrines Isa Tirmidhi, Sultan Saodat, Kampirtepa, Fayoztepa, Hakim Tirmidhi and other historical monuments.


During the opening ceremony, 30 citizens with disabilities were provided with wheelchairs.



For the convenience of Muslim tourists, the hotel plans to place in each room a book of the Holy Qur`an, a prayer mat and the installation of a pointer to the Qibla.

In addition, in the future it is expected to bring the hotel in a state corresponding to the Halal standard.


The funds received from the activities of the hotel are used for the disposal of waqf assets and for charitable purposes.


The Public Charity Foundation "Vaqf" expresses gratitude to the sponsors who helped in the organisation and establishment of the hotel. May your donations be accepted by Allah.



Press service of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF"

14 October, 2019 Year | 956