1. Support citizens' initiatives aimed at increasing their religious, spiritual and intellectual potential, preservation of national and religious values;

  2. Construction, repair, reconstruction, improvement, strengthening of material and technical base of mosques and buildings of religious educational institutions;

  3. Preservation, repair, improvement, use, regulation of activity and further development of infrastructure of shrines of historical and architectural value;

  4. Financing the activities of religious educational institutions, research centres, material and social support of their professors, teachers, researchers, specialists and students;

  5. Material and social support of workers of mosques and shrines, including imam-khatibs, imam-naibs, mutawallis and muezzins;

  6. Assistance in publishing and delivering to the population religious and educational works of the great ancestors, contemporary scientists and writers, who made a huge contribution to the development of Islamic science and culture;

  7. Further increase of the authority of shrines and places of worship of our country in the Muslim world, organization of pilgrimages to these places of local and foreign citizens, creation of necessary conditions for pilgrims and assistance in carrying out official events related to the pilgrimage;

  8. Material and moral support to socially vulnerable layers of the population, including persons with disabilities;


In order to maintain separate accounting for the receipt and expenditure of various types of income received by the public Fund, to create separate accounts for waqf, zakah (fitr, ushr) and charity, as well as to ensure the targeted expenditure of these accounts.