Mamasoatov Hasan
Identity : aksiya_4000021
Address : Kashkadarya region
For reference : Responsible for the action: Aybek Khushvakov. Phone: +998-97-737-99-25 , +998-78-150-64-36
Purpose of the campaign :


This action provides assistance to patients in need of medical care, requiring large funds.

A citizen of Kashkadarya Avlakulova Dilrabo appealed to the Foundation asking for financial assistance to her son Hasan Mamasoatov for surgery abroad. Mamasoatov Hasan was born on 12.06.2010, in the left eyeball, where a fetus and a tumor of 26x32x30 mm appeared, completely occupying the area of the retrobular rod. In July 2015, the Republican scientific centre of Oncology removed the tumor in the eye. From 2015 to 2018 he was under the supervision of doctors of the Republican scientific centre of Oncology. In August 2018, the tumor increased again on the same left eye. Despite repeated chemotherapy treatment, the tumor has not disappeared. Doctors note that it is recommended to take the child to Russia and remove the tumor or remove the eye from eyelids to eyelids.

Doctors reported that within a year for treatment 100 million soums will be required. She hopes that kind people will help to heal her child as much as possible.

Required sum : 100 000 000 soum

Collected sum : 2 353 450.00 soum

Mamasoatov Hasan

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15 April