Foundation "Vaqf" carries drinking water to the shrine

To date, the public charity foundation "VAQF" is implementing dozens of projects. Actions are organised for the disposal of waqf properties, for those in need of assistance or for patients requiring funds for medical treatment.

In July this year, the Foundation held a charity event for the delivery of drinking water to the shrine of Muhammad Hakim at-Tirmidhi, located in Termez district of Surkhandarya region.

Currently, work is underway to lay pipes at a distance of 4 kilometers. These days, the head of the Fund Iskandar Khalilov visited Surkhandarya region, where he got acquainted with the ongoing work on laying drinking water pipes.


The head of the Fund stressed that for those who participate in such good deeds as facilitating the lives of Muslims, bringing water to them, there are huge rewards from Allah.

All who took part in these charitable affairs, sponsor businessmen, sponsors, were blessed.

Remuneration for quenching the thirst of the man is huge and there are sets of hadith about this. A clever man understands what reward he will receive for this good deed. One hadith says:

The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “He who brings water to a place where there is water will be as if he has freed the soul, and he who brings water to a place where there is no water will be as if he has revived the soul.” (narrated by Ibn Asakir).

The reward for satisfying a person's thirst is enormous, and the satisfaction of the needs of the people who visit the Holy places causes enormous rewards.

Take an active part in charitable activities carried out by the Foundation, direct your donations to good deeds.


Press-service of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF".

22 July, 2019 Year | 965