Charitable events have been organised in Samarkand by the Foundation

Today, many charitable events are being held by the territorial branches of the Public Charity Foundation "Vaqf". As a result of these activities, it is becoming possible to obtain information about the state of the population, to get acquainted with their problems and to assist them in solving them. Constant contact with the population indicates that the Foundation is getting closer to people's lives.


At the end of September this year, the Samarkand regional branch of the Foundation, Imam Bukhari memorial complex and Imam Bukhari cathedral mosque visited low-income families who have lost a breadwinner, have a disabled person in the family and suffer from serious diseases, living in the mahalla Committee of Khoja Ismail.


Food products worth 3 million soums have been provided to these families with the help of sponsors.


The activists of the mahalla thanked the management of the Foundation for their help and support.


Almighty Allah promises the contributors in the Holy Qur`an: "Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, [even] as much as an atom's weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward". (Sura An-Nisa, verse 40)


May Allah bless all of us so that we become leaders in good deeds for loved ones and people in need, so that we take a worthy place among those generous people who sincerely make donations.


Press service of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF"

21 October, 2019 Year | 969