The staff of the Fund "Vaqf" visited Erkinjon aka

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur'an: "You (o believers) will Not attain the degree of piety [of the works that lead to Paradise] until you spend what you love [the best of possessions]. And whatever you spend [much or little], Allah knows about it (and will reward everyone who spends it accordingly). (Surah al Imran, verse 92)


Previously, on our website an article entitled "Erkinjon aka, diagnosed with a brain tumor, should lie on the surgical table" had been published. In this article, it was reported that within the framework of the "Malham" campaign, donations are being collected to Abdullayev Erkin Irgashevich, born in 1963, for the treatment of a 4.5 cm tumor in the back of the brain surgically.

The public charity foundation "Vaqf" still receives appeals from many patients and people in need of help. This year Erkin Irgashevich has been provided with a wheelchair by the Foundation with the assistance of sponsors. In addition, on July 10 this year, employees of the Fund visited this person. During the visit, he was provided with food, books and a prayer mat by the Foundation.



May Allah accept the donations of generous people who have extended a helping hand to people in need.

For those who donate the next verse of the Quran gives great hope:

"So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it". (Surah Az-Zalzalah, verse 7)

For reference, the campaign "Malham" provides assistance to citizens in need of medical practice, requiring large funds. Payment for this promotion can be made through electronic payment systems.


Press-service of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF".

12 July, 2019 Year | 944